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The public sector has gone digital. This year, we find out how over 700 agencies and school districts are adapting their social media strategies 
to keep up with the trends and build positive engagement with their communities.

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Don't have time to read through the whole report? 

The webinar recording above below summarizes some of the key findings and insights from the report. 

The State of Social Media in the Public Sector is a highly anticipated 
report designed to deliver the stats and insights that matter most to 
public agencies and school districts.

In our third annual State of Social Media Report, you’ll find out which platforms communicators love and loathe, what strategies they employ, how they measure success, and more to adapt to a new normal.

What's Inside The Report:

  • Trends in platform usage, including emerging platforms
  • New ways government communicators are utilizing social media
  • Pitfalls of increased social media communication and how to avoid them
  • And so much more! Download the full report for insider info from your peers for managing social media
A graph that explains who and how many people that we interviewed  for the this year's SOSM Report.

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Download the report to uncover this year's trends and see how you stack up to your public sector peers!

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The State of

Social Media

In The Public Sector