Social Media: Emergency Communications' Best Ally

Social Media Is An Essential Part of Your Disaster Kit

Citizens turn to social media to get warnings, updates, and relief information during and after emergencies. It's essential that your agency is ready to provide accurate and authoritative information where people are seeking it. 

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Learn how Snohomish County used social media to keep the public informed during a crisis.

When massive mudslides hit Snohomish County, WA., social media communications became a vital part of their emergency response.


Preparedness, Responsiveness

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Six essential elements of a social media plan for emergencies

Key components of basic social media policy

Best practices and real life examples from the Snohomish County, WA mudslide response

Since social media content is subject to public records requests in most states, and because social media is often the source of new information during an emergency, these communications constitute important long-term records.

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