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Ready to discuss how to protect your online presence from trolls?

Trolls are no fun, and we don't mean the grisly beasts lurking under bridges within fairy tales' pages. We're talking about the people who leave inaccurate, hate-filled comments online.

We've all been there. You work hard to craft the perfect social media post, blog, or video. A while later, you check the engagement and see inflammatory statements.

Since filtering through trolling comments can be annoying and offensive, the team at ArchiveSocial has put together a webinar with tips on protecting your online presence from trolls.

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How to Handle Trolls: Protect Your Online Space While Respecting Free Speech

About The Speaker: 

CivicPlus Product Marketing Manager, Marcus Smith, helps public agencies and school districts navigate digital compliance, accessibility, and records management challenges to ensure they effectively meet online regulations while providing better support for their community. Marcus has helped thousands of agencies and organizations establish best practices and training to mitigate risks across their social media and websites, while also streamlining the fulfillment and management of records requests.